“Upskill While Others Are Sleeping” – Tips and Tricks to Secure Your Future

As week seven of lockdown in New Zealand moves from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 on Thursday 14th May 2020, we will see a lift to current restrictions in place.

Businesses may open except for bars, we can now enjoy parks and shopping malls, movement across the country is allowed, and we can increase our bubble to 10 people – as long as we maintain social distancing and good hygiene.

However, with unemployment rates on the rise, and the job market changing due to COVID19, are you prepared for the new work environment post-COVID?

Below are some key tips and tricks from our Trainers to keep ahead of the game:

  • Read and stay updated on relevant news

This means news regarding the workforce – what industries will see an increase in employment, what industries will see a decrease, and what new opportunities will be created as an effect of COVID19?

By understanding these factors, you will be able to see what skills you have that are transferable into other industries; and what skills you need in order to secure a job post COVID19.

“How we adapt and pivot in current circumstances is important. We need to ensure we offer training and advice based on what the job market looks like post-COVID. This may mean short-term career changes for the long-term benefit” shares Meta Tyrell; Co-Director of Alignz Recruitment.

“I’ve heard people say that they don’t want to pivot; or they don’t see the need to as its not in line with what they want to do in their career or business – this is all good and fine if you have not been affected;

“however, pivoting is about staying relevant and being open to new opportunities. If you don’t shift to reflect current changes and continue to bake chocolate cake when people are now asking for carrot cake, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle.”

  • Take full advantage of the Free Training courses available to upskill yourself

Ever wanted to master a skill? Learn something new? Or upskill yourself to secure an ongoing job or leadership role in the current market?

Now is the time to make the most of the free online courses available to upskill yourself and get ahead of the game.

While some people may continue to sleep the day away, binge watch the latest k-drama, or visit the fridge for the 100th time; take full advantage to prepare yourself for the new job market ahead.

At Alignz Training, they offer a range of online training programs, designed to provide you with a clear pathway that will allow you to upskill and take on your next role confidently. These courses focus on three main areas:

  1. Fees free Foundation Courses – focused on Growth Mindset, strengthening our minds and how we operate; and Work-Ready skills;
  2. Corporate Workshops – to elevate you in your Leadership and;
  3. Specific Industry Qualifications – focused on certifying you with the necessary tickets, licenses, or requirements specific to your role.

“The trainer created a comfortable environment that allowed us all to participate readily. [The trainer] shared her life experiences, and this allowed me to comfortably share my own experiences as well” shared Vasanthi Lualua, a pass student of the Growth Mindset course.  

“They provide real world problems that people will come across in their everyday life” she shared.

  • Willingness to listen and learn.

Have you ever heard what the best Entrepreneurs tip to growing is?

Its Listening. Why? The best way of picking up information is through active listening in your every day life. Listen in your relationships, with conversations with friends, your teachers, mentors, boss, or colleagues.

Not only will you learn something new, but you will gain insight and knowledge into real time information that will benefit you in your life.

When you actively listen, people are open to sharing information and are willing to teach you. This will allow you to learn organically from real life experiences.

Based on an article by Glassdoor[1], this is a second top trait employers look for when hiring new staff.

  • Be adaptable.

Nowadays, technology is constantly changing, job roles are constantly revolving, and markets are for ever changing to reflect the next innovative idea.

With this comes the need for people to be able to adapt fast to changing environments; and be multi-faceted.

Being able to follow direction one day, think fast on your feet the next day, and then take initiative when the occasion calls means employers can have confidence in your ability to adapt and get the job done every time.

Based on an article by Glassdoor[2], this is a third top trait employers look for when hiring new staff.

  • Have a positive, can do attitude.

Lastly, a positive attitude goes a long way. Positive attitude doesn’t just mean people will find you more approachable, easy and fun to work with – but it also helps you relax mentally. And a relaxed mind means a more happier you.

So make use of these tips and tricks; upskill yourself and take advantage of the free online training available; and be prepared for your next exciting opportunity!  

[1] 8 Traits Employers Really Want In You https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/8-traits-employers/
[2] 8 Traits Employers Really Want In You https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/8-traits-employers/

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