Keeping Active during Self-Isolation

Now that many people are working from home, or in self-isolation, its easy to lose some very good habits. Below are some of our favorite tips and tricks to stay active and keep good habits during the next four weeks.

1. Keep your normal routine (albeit at home)

A great way to feel normal is to keep your same routine, as if you are still physically going to work. If you normally wake up at 7.00am, get up at 7.00am. Have a shower and get dressed.

HR/Project Manager Alana for Alignz Recruitment said “I get up every morning, have a shower, get dressed as if I’m going to work, and then go to my separate part of the house I’ve set up as an office. This helps me concentrate and really kick start my day.”

This will make you feel refreshed and give yourself a sense of purpose in the morning. Keeping a routine will also help you once lockdown lifts and you’re ready to hit the road as per normal.

2. Plan your workday

If you are working from home during self-isolation, a great tip is to plan your day. Create a “To Do List” the night before, focus on three main goals and make sure you drive to meet them by the end of business day.

This is also a great time to master your skills; or upskill yourself. Ever wondered how Amanda is able to work the internal systems better than you? Well now you have a bit more time, and less distractions to really learn, practice and master the skills you need to be great at your job.

This will also give you a sense of purpose for the day, and a sense of accomplishment once you hit your goals.

“To Do List” example.

3. Create a bucket list of hobbies and skills you’ve always wanted to do; and work your way through this list

With less travelling to and from work, less distractions and more time on our hands; keep active and happy through doing the things you’ve always wanted to do but had no time.

Ever wanted to knit, learn how to cook different recipes, read that trilogy or even write that book you started last year but never had the time to finish?

Well now is a great time to pick up that hobby, try out new things, and master those long-lost skills. It’s also a great fun way to get the family involved and stay active together.

“In our household, we’ve always loved different types of food. So, for this week, each adult is paired with a child; and must cook dinner inspired from a different part of the world” says Felila, National Growth and Partnership Manager for Alignz Recruitment.  

4. Book in time for some daily exercises or stretches

It’s important that as we self-isolate at home, that we book in 15 – 30 minutes each day to exercise and leave the cave for some much-needed air and/ space.

Take a walk or run around the block (keeping social distancing); find a stretch of grass and meditate, stretch or do yoga; or tag team with a friend online, and video train together.

Exercising not only keeps you healthy and in shape; but it is proven to help you relieve stress, boost mental health, improve your mood and increase your energy.

There are many ways to exercise, find what works for you, and schedule time each day to keep active.

These are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you stay active at home.

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