Tonga Robertson – Paving the Way for Pacific Women Entrepreneurs in the Trades Industry

Tonga Robertson, Director of NEST Interior and Design is helping to pave the new norm for Pasifika Women in Business, most notably in the Trades industry. This week, we had the pleasure of sitting with Tonga to learn her story, insights into the challenges she faces in business, the challenges she faces as a woman in the trades industry, and tips and tricks she can share for other aspiring women wanting to enter and thrive in the male-dominated industry. Her story into setting up her business After graduating with a Diploma...
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4 Quick Tips On Nailing Your Job Interview

Have you ever been super nervous before your job interview? Or have you read multiple blogs on how to achieve a successful interview? Well, we have compiled 4 quick tips on how to successfully master your job interview and get one step closer to your dream job. Research the Company you have applied for. There is nothing more frustrating for an employer than having a potential applicant show up to an interview, and not know anything about the Company they have applied to. Research the Company beforehand. This shows great initiative and...
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