Celebrating K’aute Pacifica’s 20th Birthday Anniversary.

K’aute Pacifika’s celebration dinner at the Hamilton Gardens Pavillion.

Saturday, the 24th August marked the 20th birthday anniversary for K’aute Pacifika; and a corner stone for the next 20 years to come.

With performances from the diverse Pacifika Cultures, from Samoan to Kiribas and many more, the community came together to celebrate the journey and success K’aute has paved for Pacifika People in the Waikato Region.

We heard from key speakers Rachel Karalus on on beginning and origin of K’aute’s vision, mission and name creation. K’aute, meaning frangipani in the many different Pacific Languages. It is a flower of beauty and found across the many islands, creating unity between our Pacific People. The vision was to create a strong foothold and hub for the Pacific Community in Waikato. One in which they could come to seek advice and assistance on personal health, finance, employment and professional matters etc.

We also acknowledge both Peta Karalus, our own founder Meta Tyrell and many others for bringing this idea and concept into a reality. Paving a way for Pacifika to have a voice and influence within the Region. We also heard from key guest speakers Hon. Aupito Sio, Mayon Andrew King and K’aute’s Chair Edgar.

The night was one of tribute to those who created K’aute, and celebration to those who will carry it forward for the next 20+ years to come.

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